The partners


Clare Allen B.A., D.Clin Psych., N.A.P. Clinical & Organisational Psychologist

Clare is a clinical and organisational psychologist with over 30 years' experience in the NHS in acute, care, adult mental health, primary care and learning disability services. Her roles have included clinical, management at service and board level and internal organisational development.  She holds professional qualifications as a Clinical Psychologist, with further training in psychotherapy and in organisational consulting.  Her approach is informed by psychoanalytic and systems theory, as well as practical experience.  Over the last ten years she has provided interventions for a range of clinical teams, in a wide variety of specialities and areas of the UK. 
The range of presenting issues has included interpersonal conflict, difficulties agreeing service development priorities, leadership and succession issues, reintegrating clinicians perceived as 'difficult' or following disciplinary or GMC fitness to practice procedures, poor relationships with other disciplines and hospital management.

Interventions are always designed in relation to the specific group and presenting issues. These have included individual meetings, psychological support and coaching; mediation; team coaching; facilitated development days, and usually, regular liaison with senior management.


John Ballatt MA, FRCGP(Hon)

John has worked as a practitioner, trainer and manager in social care and the health service, culminating in 6 years as an Executive Director responsible for an operational division, and for trust-wide strategic organisational change, in a large NHS trust. 

John has offered consultation and support to individuals, teams and organisations for over 20 years.  During that time he led several national and regional learning and development initiatives, mainly relating to mental health.

John has worked independently since 2006.  Recently, he has offered role consultancy to senior clinical and managerial leaders, facilitated the development and implementation of new clinical models and commissioning strategies, supported complex organisational change and worked with senior teams, mainly in the NHS.  John is a trained mentor, with extensive training in group dynamics. 

He is co-author, with Penelope Campling, of ‘Intelligent kindness: reforming the culture of healthcare’, 2011.


Dr. Sadru Kheraj MA FRCGPSadru is a senior partner in a large London GP practice.

For over twelve years he was Medical Adviser to a Health Authority and then a London Strategic Health Authority.  He has worked as an adviser for the National Clinical Assessment Service. He has also been an Associate of the General Medical Council.  His work has included the provision of services as a Medical Director to an inner-city PCT in London.

Sadru has extensive experience of investigations and clinical assessments in primary care settings. He has experience across the breadth of the primary care agenda, from service development to delivery at both a strategic and an operational level.  He has provided expert reports for the Metropolitan Police and the General Medical Council.

Sadru has considerable experience of identifying the issues in  complex problems. He also helps to deliver solutions from both the perspective of the commissioner and the provider..


Julian Lousada BA, MSc, CQSW 

Julian was originally a social worker and social work manager and has lectured extensively, spending 10 years as a Senior Lecturer at Metropolitan University London. 

He returned to the NHS as a Consultant Psychotherapist and was for 9 years Clinical Director at a pre-eminent London mental health trust. 

Julian was also a Principal Consultant at Tavistock Consulting.  He has provided consultancy to organisations, their management and delivery teams over an extended period. He is an established practitioner and trainer.

He now works independently and  has a particular interest in organisational culture and the relatedness between working relationships and the quality of service delivery. He has facilitated many workshops and other interventions on behalf of and in conjunction with senior management. Julian has directed and staffed "Working Conferences" both Nationally and Internationally.

He has a number of publications. Most recently he co-authored "Borderline Welfare" 2005 and contributed to "Living on the Border: Psychotic processes in the individual, the group and the institution" 2013.


Sheeylar Macey BA, MSc, RGN, RSCN

Sheeylar is a trained nurse and specialist practitioner in primary care. She holds an MSc in primary care development.  She has worked as a Clinical Director in primary care and as Head of Governance in a Strategic Health Authority. Sheeylar is fully trained in root cause analysis and has extensive experience of investigations in all care settings.  This experience ranges from complex complaint investigations to whole systems scrutiny and review.

She has worked extensively to develop systems and processes to assure good practice in Clinical Governance, and has a track record in planning and delivering service innovation. Sheeylar's experience in helping to diagnose issues and segment problems has led to work in all areas of the NHS across England.


Dr. Chris Maloney FRCGP, FRCPsych

Chris is a GP, Consultant Psychiatrist, and individual and group psychotherapist. He has wide experience as clinician, supervisor, educator, and service developer, and also in processes of revalidation, complaints handling, and case investigation. 

He worked in the NHS for 29 years, with senior posts as GP Partner in Hackney, East London (1999-2012) and as Consultant Psychiatrist in East Berkshire (1993-1999). He is an expert witness for the GMC in fitness to practice cases, and undertakes a broad range of medicolegal work, in addition to his clinical and organisational portfolio.

Chris has considerable experience of helping to deliver workable solutions in complex cases involving teams and individuals.


As well as this core team, peopleinsystems has a range of experienced associates who we can involve in work with clients, according to need.