Our way of thinking

Addressing concerns, and nurturing change, requires an understanding of the dynamic interaction between the culture and organisation of a system, and the roles and working relationships of the individuals and teams who work in it. Healthy and effective working practices depend on healthy systems.

peopleinsystems can be consulted by individuals, teams and organisations.  We will work with you to understand your situation in its systemic context, and so to agree the nature and focus of our intervention.  Our objective is to leave you better able to manage your own situation, and to find and develop positive new ways of working.

peopleinsystems uses a powerful team approach to thinking about the systems into which we are invited.  Team members working with our clients regularly bring their observations and thoughts to the group for careful consideration in complete confidence. This happens both in the vital 'diagnostic' phase, and then during subsequent work.

Our system thinks about your system, keeping it constantly in mind and under review, whatever the nature of our work with you.  The wide range of experience in clinical, managerial, educational and consultancy roles represented in the team equips us to develop sophisticated readings of, and carefully tailored interventions into, your working system.  We do not offer 'off the shelf' or 'stock' services.  We only offer help when we are confident of contributing something of value.

We recognise that providing health and social care is hard and complex work, often provoking anxiety.  We believe that this work is made easier, more satisfying and effective when

  • Teams are made up of people in the right roles, well-organised, and well-supported
  • Systems and structures are designed well and function effectively
  • Relationships promote cooperation, problem solving and mutual support
  • Teams have a clear sense of their limits - of time, capability and capacity
  • Individuals are able to manage the emotional and professional dimensions of their roles and tasks


We work with clients on any or all of these levels. Because we think about individuals within the wider system in which they work, we tailor the right mix of support to meet our clients’ needs. Because our team is itself a mix of perspectives and skills, we ensure that the right expertise is made available in the right way.